Alberta Interest Rates


(Rates from Banks/Providers headquarted in this city/state) Bank West Canada Servus Credit Union TD Canada Trust Canadian Western Bank

Rates by city/province in Canada

States/Regions/Counties : , Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta

5 banks with locations in Alberta

Bank/Company Branches Nationwide Alberta Locations
1 1400
  • 8th Ave & 7th St Sw Branch
  • Bow Valley Square
  • Main Calgary Branch
2 100
  • 16517 97 St NW Branch
3 41
  • Edmonton West Point Branch
4 2
  • CFF Bank Regional Office
  • Bridgewater Bank Head Office

Discussion in Alberta, Canada

  • provider - Azerbaijan - Deposits -
    Q: can non citizens open account ?

    ravi from Calgary, Canada
    • R: Hi to open any bank account you need to reside in that country legally not as tourist, for instance international student can open account as they legally established their residency in that country so you don't have to be citizens but need to establish your residency as tourist maximum you can stay 3-6 months but you are not entitled to open your saving accounts as term requirement is upto 1 year. So I hope you get it. And off course you need to disclose your legal citizenship with income proof like instance you can't deposit $ 200000 in such low income countries. And if they allow you they put restrictions like can not withdraw $200000 at same time because they need to arrange that big money. You will be surprised if let say you have $10000 and want to withdraw incase of urgency you might get $3000 only at partical branch.

      Reply1 Armaan
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    Q: Annual

    Sana from Calgary, Canada
  • provider - Ethiopia - Savings -
    Q: hello how can i check my 40/60 condo account online. i setup a sign in account but i still did not received any password activation code. please let me know how.

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    Q: What is the interest rate for 5 year fixed deposits in Sri Lanka?

    Jagath from Edmonton, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Canadian Western Bank
    Q: how is the interest calucatied on the 2.8%, is it monthly annually, etc

    Ruth from Chestermere, Canada
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    Q: I am in Canada. Can I open an account?

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