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Versa Bank, formerly Pacific & Western Bank is a branchless bank that offers specialist banking services. It was established in 1980 and operates throughout Canada. It has products in two categories - deposits and lending. The deposit products include guaranteed investment certificates, register... read more

Versa Bank Discussion Activity

  • Versa Bank 3 Month GIC - Deposits
    Q: How do we purchase the 3 month GIC at 1.15%? Thank you

    Reply Toba Cooper from North York, Canada
  • Versa Bank 1 Month GIC - Deposits
    Q: Hello, my name is Ryota Kobashigawa. I am Japanese citizen and currently live in Japan. I am intersted in one of you products 'Pacific and Western Bank 1 Month GIC'. I was wondering how I can open my own account in your bank and buy the product. I am just planning on this so that would be really appreciated if you can advise. Thank you very much,

    Reply Ryota from Japan