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Coast Capital Savings is a credit union based in British Columbia in Canada. It has 50 branches and is connected to a network of 333 ATMs. There are 512,000 members and a staff of 1,600. Banking services are available for business and personal clients. The range of products that it offers includes c... read more

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  • Coast Capital Savings 1 Month Term Deposit Account - Deposits
    Q: how much interest per month on 300k deposit

    Reply Robert from Victoria, Canada
  • Coast Capital Savings 5 Year Term Deposit Account - Deposits
    Q: I have TWO I-5 YEAR GIC COMPD INVESTMENTS..i was 75 years old when I took them when I invested. Last year I tried to redeem one of them and was informed I could not because they were locked in until maturity. At my age I would never have agreed to invest for a five year period. Why was I mislead?.

    Reply margaret from Mexico
  • Deposits
    Q: What special rates to you have on gic right now? And do you have a gic offer for 33 months at 4% and when does that promotion end? Thank you.

    Reply Al from Canada
  • - Savings
    Q: I don't reside in Canada. I live in Tennessee, USA. Can I be a customer?

    Reply Dave from Chattanooga, United States