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Bridgewater Bank is a specialist Canadian bank offering residential mortgages, deposit products and credit cards. It was established in 1997 and is a subsidiary of the Alberta Motor Association. Its head office is located in Calgary.Their head office address is: Bridgewater Bank, Suite 150, 926 - 5t... read more

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  • Q: Are 18 mo mo GIC offered by the your Are 18 mo GIC offeredn by the bank? Ifr Yes, what is the annual rate? Thanks Ilyawhat is the annual inter

    Reply Ilya K from North Vancouver, Canada

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    Q: How can I contact you directly?

    Reply Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
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    Q: How do I contact you by phone. I am trying to get a copy of some older charge card records?

    Reply Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada
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    Q: In approximately 2011 I was a member of the Bridgewater Master card program through CAA in Niagara Falls,Ontario. How can I track my account information. Can you offer me some advice?| Thank you. Renate Martin

    Reply Renate from Niagara Falls, Canada