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RBC offers their personal banking customers a wide variety of loan products, including: mortgages, fixed and variable personal loans, car loans, an energy saver loan and student loans.

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  • Q: Hello, Could you please tell me your interest rate for a two-year term deposit? Thank you. Wendy

    Reply Wendy from Regina, Canada
  • Q: What's the interest rate for US dollars savings account?

    Reply Emmanuel from Canada
  • Q: can there be three power of attorneys

    Reply donna from Canada
  • Q: i would like to know the Royal Bank Prime Rate of interest fluctuations

    Reply Adam from Etobicoke, Canada
  • Q: I am canada citizen who live in USA now, but I am moving back to canada. i want buy cd for 2 or 3 years for amount 500,000.00. what is your cd rate for 2,3, 5yeras?

    Reply Yong Sook from Altoona, United States
  • Q: I've been looking at your website for a phone number to call about savings/GIC accounts, and have been unable to do so. Please forward a phone number of a bank officer to me. Thanks

    Reply Ido from Portland, United States
  • Q: What are the regulations re: investing $10,000 or more from a U.S.A. individual citizen, in a Canadian bank?

    Reply JL Cleland from Saint Marys, United States
  • Q: I want to earn more interest without locking in my money what account should I open?

    Reply Effie from Scarborough, Canada

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