Toronto Interest Rates


(Rates from Banks/Providers headquarted in this city/state) Standard Chartered Canada Deutsche Bank Canada Morgan Stanley Canada Citi Canada State Bank of India Canada

Rates by city/province in Canada

States/Regions/Counties : , Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta

2 banks with locations in Toronto

Bank/Company Branches Nationwide Toronto Locations
1 900
  • Dundas & Spadina - New Chinatown Branch
  • Queen & Portland
  • Queen & Woodbine Branch
2 None - online only
  • Yonge St Branch

Discussion in Toronto, Canada

  • provider - Canada - Savings -
    Q: What are your gic rates. 4 year closed Thanks

    Berni from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Panama - - Banistmo
    Q: Does your bank offer Canadian s home loans? I am interested in purchasing a condo in Coronado Panama

    Scott from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Canadian Western Bank
    Q: I am interested in recommending my investors/savers to purchase CWB GIC's. Can you let me know what needs to be done to become a CWB deposit broker? thks. gm

    Gino from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - Canadian Western Bank
    Q: Are funds deposited in a GIC with CWB covered by the FDIC?

    leonard from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Canada - Deposits - TD Canada Trust
    Q: info on the 3-year Security GIC Plus plan that earns up to 8.88%

    ROBERT COFFEY from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - - -
    Q: Hi Nahla, HSBC offers 5.25% for example. 100000X5.25=525000 then 525000/100=5250 then 525000/12= 43750 amonth

    Jay from Toronto, Canada
    • R: Calculations are all wrong, 100,000 TL on 5.25% will make 5,250 TL a year. Which is 437.50 TL a month.

      Reply1 Tarik
    • R: Your sums are wrong mate. I have 245000 in and get 1600 at 9 % per month

      Reply1 martin
  • provider - Germany - Savings -
    Q: Is the ING DiBa Euro Savings Account available for institutional investors or is it for private investors only and is it available for investors outside the European Union? Many thanks

    Keith from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - - Deposits -
    Q: which financial institution currently giving highest fixed/term deposit rate - in the world, and I can earn maximum earnings - which country ? which institution ? - so that I can open a fixed/term deposit account in U.S or Canadian dollar. Please. thanks.

    Baquie Ghazi from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - Pakistan - Deposits - Habib Bank
    Q: i want to invest 1 lakh rupees in fix deposit account for one year term .could you please tell me how much money in rupees I will get as interst every month

    rukhsana from Toronto, Canada
    • R: hbl has different investment rates and keep changing but the best option is to get 1 year roll over it will automatically reinvest for you and you get the profit every year or even if you go for the monthly the rate will be a bit low.

      Reply1 habib
      • R: Sir what is the monthly profit ratio for 10000000

        Reply1 Saqib
  • provider - Canada - - Meridian Credit Union
    Q: Can you give me the fees for Meridian Mutual funds?

    George from Toronto, Canada
  • provider - United Kingdom - - HSBC UK
    Q: I am inquiring after the exchange/redemption of high valued foreign assets at HSBC. Would you be able to help guide me to the right personal please? I suspect this would be a wealth manager that may be aware of the assets I hold. I look forward to your hasty response. Respectfully, Kz

    Kz from Toronto, Canada